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Judging America: Photographer Challenges Our Prejudice By Alternating Between Judgment and Reality ›

Currently reading day 5 of 40 days of dating. V interesting.

I didn’t mean to make you so sad, you just happened to be there.

Bob Dylan

Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours

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New York // Day 2 & 3

Saira and Kenny won free tickets to the Global Citizen concert in Central Park so Jill and I set out to stroll around the park on our own. I’ve always wanted to check out the Bethesda Fountain so we went and found it, and even though it was dark and hard to see the fountain, we went inside the beautiful illuminated space under the nearby bridge and found it magical.
On Sunday, we had breakfast at a nearby diner in Queens and said farewell to Jilly. I set out on my own to go to The Museum of Natural History, The Highline, explores and bought cooking spices from Chelsea Market and do a little shopping.
It was a very successful, fun, beautiful, happy, perfect-weather weekend!

NYC // Day 2 pt. 1 With our late night, we eventually got our butts to a fantastic brunch at DiWine around 1:30pm on Saturday. The restaurant’s interior and design was gorgeous and inspiring of things I might wanna do around my own house!
We then trained into Manhattan and went to the Museum of Sex. The Boob moon bounce was very fun. We then toured around Madison Square Park/Empire State Building/Flatiron Building area and stumbled upon a bunch of little open air pop up restaurants where we got mini doughnuts and coffee, a perfect and delicious afternoon snack.

New York // Night 1
Jill and I have been so excited for our little lady trip up to visit Saira for the past several weeks. We bussed up on Friday, took the wrong train, and then the right train and made it safely to Queens.
After some pregaming, we went out to some of Saira and Kenny’s favorite bars in the Lower East Side, eventually going to one around 2am but it was closed. Two other guys were also trying to get in also, and joined us in our disappointment and then joined our group as we found another nearby bar. We come to find out we are with John Michael Hill, an actor on Elementary. Uh… Pretty cool. Around 4:30, we all went to one of John’s favorite restaurants called Cafeteria, who served bangin Chicken and Waffles and Truffle Eggs. Our night ended as the sun started coming up around 6am. We definitely started off our weekend right.

An iPhone users best friend, especially while visiting and navigating New York 📱😒 (at Bolt Bus)


Reflections in the water


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First night in NY was a success 🍸🎶 (at Solas)


Arles, France

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